Health Care Law and Licensing

Our firm was founded in 1976 for the specific purpose of representing healthcare professionals and organizations, both charitable and for profit. Back then, healthcare was largely unregulated. Today healthcare has grown to be the most regulated segment of the national economy and our firm’s knowledge and commitment has grown with it.

Business – We help healthcare organizations and professionals with their business concerns. These include not only the usual issues facing all businesses, but also the maze of complex local, state and federal regulations exclusive to healthcare providers.

Licensure – Professional discipline poses the gravest of threats to healthcare organizations and professionals. National database inclusion haunts and hinders a career forever. “Discipline” includes terminations from hospital staffs, exclusions from insurance provider groups, peer group sanctions and state board complaints and investigations. It is our opinion that under no circumstance should threats of discipline be dealt with without seasoned counsel. When you first suspect that a complaint or investigation may be looming, you should immediately retain qualified legal assistance.

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