Mediation & Arbitration

We help resolve disputes quickly and without excessive expense.  Going to court is slow, expensive and risky. An ordinary lawsuit can take years to get to trial, then end with an unsatisfactory result. We have developed a practice resolving disputes better, faster and with less expense through mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which an independent mediator, paid for by the parties, meets with both sides of a controversy in an attempt to settle matters. This process has proved to be highly effective and can save enormous amounts of time, effort and money by avoiding trial.

An arbitrator is a private lawyer hired by agreement of the parties to decide (rather than to facilitate settlement of) a case. An arbitrator will hold a hearing stripped of legal formalities . It lasts a fraction of the time of a court trial. The arbitrator’s decision is final.

Our experience in this practice is primarily as mediators and arbitrators, but also as advocates for parties.

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