Negligence – Serious Injury & Death

Insurance companies have lawyers – you need one, too.

We have completed hundreds of cases involving people hurt or killed in accidents. We know only too well the consequences that ripple through affected lives. Financial compensation cannot erase what has happened, but it is important to support spouses, children and other survivors, and help victims deal with medical expenses, pain, and disability.

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When you are able, we invite you to share your story with us. We focus a significant part of our practice on plaintiffs’ serious injury and death cases. While every situation is unique, we have a track record of verdicts and settlements in the 6 and 7 figures.

Cases are contingent: no recovery, no fee.

Consultations, initial investigations and evaluations are without charge.

Call Bill Morris about your case – any day, any time.

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Remember, it’s always best to call sooner than later. No one wants a case to expire because a statute of limitations runs – and some statutes are quite short.

But even if time has gone by since an accident, call for an evaluation. Never assume you are out of time.

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