We handle probate estates on an hourly basis* and provide the advice to keep costs to a minimum.

Probate is the court-supervised process which gives a personal representative (sometimes commonly known as an executor) authority over a deceased person’s property to ensure that it is properly managed and distributed. Probate includes dealing with final expenses, debts and taxes, as well as assuring that property is cared for and passed on to survivors in accordance with the intentions of the deceased. Nebraska provides for formal or informal proceedings, depending on whether there are disputes, property title issues or other problems. Informal probate is the most common and is a surprisingly economical and efficient way to settle an estate.

We help you through this process.

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*Probate estates traditionally have been represented by other lawyers for fees based on a percentage of decedents’ gross estates. It is our observation that this frequently has resulted in fees out of proportion to the work required. For this reason, since this firm was founded in 1976, we have structured our fees based on the work actually performed. The results have been legal costs to estates for the minimums required to do the necessary work.